Comprehensive Approach to Managing the Resident Insurance Process

Chris Corbin

Chris Corbin

The world is full of unexpected surprises. Fires, floods, accidents happen to the best of us. But having insurance to cover those accidents? That’s a must-have. We recently took on an efficient and comprehensive approach to managing the resident insurance process at Indigo Living. Now we have an efficient and effective way for tracking, partnering with a preferred provider, and providing gap coverage!

The Before -Management

Before we had this comprehensive approach, the resident insurance process at Indigo Living was painful. We spent a considerable amount of time updating, correcting, and tracking down insurance documents in an attempt for 100% compliance. Additionally, there was no easy way to supplement coverage for those residents who were not in compliance.
A typical day of an onsite property management team member consisted of long hours and heavy stress as they were constantly chasing down insurance information. It was a constant battle to maintain compliance while managing every other area of the resident experience.

The After – Management

Now we have a comprehensive approach to the resident insurance process. We now work with a preferred provider that simplifies our tracking, automatically ensures compliance for all residents and provides gap coverage as necessary. Our team can spend more time on other projects while still maintaining 100% compliance rates! It’s a win-win situation.
This automated approach has been a great addition to our property management process. It’s saved us time, reduced stress and increased efficiency in the office. Our resident insurance is now hassle free!

The Details

Risk management is a crucial part of property management, and it’s an area that we are always looking to improve. The details are simple: less time spent in the office and more time with our residents.

Step 1: Resident signs a lease

Step 2: A link is sent via SMS or email for the resident to purchase coverage with our preferred partner or upload a third-party policy

Step 3: Our preferred partner tracks and verifies coverage through our seamless integration with our property management software

Missing an efficient and comprehensive insurance strategy in your community? Email us to learn more.

Chris Corbin

Chris Corbin

In his prior life Chris was a vegetable farmer, freegan, potter, house flipper, and casual vegan. When he’s not daydreaming about house projects you can find him scheming up new ways to improve daily operations for Indigo Living. Chris sees a successful property management company excelling in three areas: people, process, and product.

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