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Whylie Massey

Whylie Massey

Home decorating can be overwhelming that’s why Indigo Living calls in the professionals to provide some tips and tricks to our residents. At times it can be difficult to make your apartment feel like home but with easy tips from a variety of sources like Green Door Home Staging, it’s easy to find a variety of ways to make your apartment cozy. We recently interviewed the mother-daughter team at Green Door Home Staging at our LINC community in an apartment home they staged. Check out some great ideas from our interview with Emily and Luise.

With trends, especially furniture, do you stay to those neutral color pallets, or do you try to incorporate pops of color? What types of trends are you trying to incorporate in most of your apartment homes?
“We do a little bit of both, For the most part neutral is a nice base, and we can add color with pillow or a nice accessory. We keep the lines nice not and not too busy or over the top. It’s really about enhancing the space and not focused only on certain pieces of furniture in the room.”

What is your go-to way of hanging art? How do you find the right pieces for the right space?
“People tend to hang art really, really high, you want it at the eye level to the average person. Where you’re looking at the middle of the artwork. Anything more and it just doesn’t look right.”
Speaking of artwork, they gave us great tips for selecting artwork for an apartment on a budget:
“An easy way when you’re living in an apartment and you want to hang artwork but you’re not sure if you’re going to like it forever, we would recommend buying poster frames and then changing out the artwork. Using things like prints from Etsy and then printing them out at Walgreens or Staples. That way you can change them out whenever you want.”

Where do you get your inspiration for the staging apartments and homes?
“A lot of it is Pinterest or Instagram, seeing what designers in the larger cities are doing, we look to the east coast and the west coast and try to bring the high-end trends at an affordable level.”

In addition to talking to us about staging, the duo also discussed how to make the most out of an apartment space with “pops of green.”
“In an apartment space, especially one that have open concepts, your eyes are going to travel around the space… it’s important to have areas that are mixing function. To keep people’s eyes moving through the space, we like to do that with pops of green that reminds you of fresh healthy living. So, we will carry pop of green to travel the eye especially like this this case where the color is neutral.”

These takeaways hopefully will provide a starting point for all our residents staging their own apartment homes. Checkout one of the model apartments they staged at our LINC community to see these tips in action – lincatgraysstation.com. Or if you want to see more from the wonderful mother-daughter duo, follow Green Door Home Staging at @greendoorhomestaging.

Whylie Massey

Whylie Massey

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